donderdag 20 december 2012

Multicultural mood

I finally found a way to wear this, it had been hanging in my closet for at least 3 years!
Every time I cleared out my closet it survived because I really love it but never had an idea on how to wear it.
Now I decided to just wear it with a dark jeans and sport shoes with a sledge heel.
What do you think?

I found this necklace in a secondhand store a few days ago and fell in love at first sight.
I only paid 1,5 euro's and find it fitting in really well with my multicultural mood.

dinsdag 27 november 2012

Something different

I'll let you all in on a little secret, I'm a real sucker for astrology...

I know a lot of people think it's just for entertainment and find it fun to read about their sign but, I just found out that the past few weeks Mercury was retrograde.

If this sounds like Chinese to you then you have to stick around and find out what it means, it may clarify some things that have been going on in your life the past couple of weeks.

Mercury is a small planet that is the nearest one to the sun.
He is a little bugger because he is the one that goes retrograde 3 or 4 times a year and always for a period from approximately 3 weeks.
Going retrograde means that it looks like the planet makes a stop and goes backwards, back to where he came from.

It's just an illusion of course, planets don't go back, they only move forward but look at it as if you are in a train, and another train leaves at the same time but yours is moving faster.
It will look like the other train is going backwards, the same illusion works for the planets.

Now, what so wrong about our little Mercury?
You know those days when everything seems to go wrong?
People misinterpret what you are saying, messages get lost, long waiting times, your computer breaks down or your credit card gets lost.
You've guessed it, that's our tiny planet going backwards.

Nobody knows why this happens but despite of all the little aggravations that we experience when this happens, there is an upside.
It's like a little pause in your life, a break from the rat race, a time to over think everything.

If you want as much advantage as possible out of this period, keep these things in mind:


- sign a contract
- accept a new job
- start a new relationship
- buy a car, house or boat
- move
- start an important project
- expect everything to go smoothly


- reexamen the facts
- rewrite (retrograde Mercury is indispensable for writers)
- change your opinion
- relive the past
- confirm reservations
- repair things
- do the jobs that you had put on hold
- correct mistakes
- organise
- catch up with your correspondence
- always carry a book or magazine with you (Mercury going backwards causes long waiting times and your cell might go dead on you, so, just to keep you busy and entertained)

Sometimes you barely notice Mercury going retrograde, other times he causes a stream of detours and roadblocks, what's the difference?
The difference is in where he stands, is it in your own sign?
Then you'll be bothered by it...

But as said in the beginning, his retrograde time just ended, we can all breathe again and carry on, with fresh hope and new perspectives.

zaterdag 17 november 2012

Thin hair

I've been browsing around the internet and found out that I'm not the only one that is having trouble with her hair, modeling and what products to use, seem to be familiar questions other girls have as well.

I found out that my hair is defined as "fine hair", to be clear about that, "normal hair" has a diameter of 0,04 mm and "fine hair" has a diameter of 0,02 mm.
No idea if you can measure it with some tool, but you can recognize thin hair as well by the following 2 things:

* little volume
* easily greasy

The best way to take care of thin hair is to wash it every day, there are a lot of shampoos that are especially made for that, so you don't damage your hair.

The key thing you have to do when you have this type of hair is to get some volume into it.
You can do this by hairstyle (keep it short, a bob or a page heading are perfect).
Other tricks are:

* blow-dry your hair upside down, hanging your head at knee hight that is (not hanging on the ceiling or something)

* find products that boost your volume (like a shampoo from John Frieda called "Luxurious volume")

* ask your hairdresser to create a few highlights in your hair, it gives the illusion of thicker hair

I have it, tried it and loved it (you can find a blog about it on this page, somewhere) but if you don't like scrolling around, I'll give a short recap:

When you use it you can feel your hair getting bigger under your fingertips, so it immediately works.
You don't have to wait for weeks before you see any result (after drying it even my husband saw the difference).
With me, the only downside was that my heads skin is very sensitive and couldn't tolerate it, leaving me with an itchy head.

Another problem I usually have with my hair is that it doesn't stay in place, by noon it falls flat and loses all model, shape and volume.
A solution to that can be to use a special hairspray for thin hair, it makes your hairdo "looser" and resistant to wind gusts.

Another hair problem that is very common are split ends.
The horros of saving for long hair and having the hairdresser telling me that I had split ends when I was younger is still on my mind... I lost 10 centimeters of hair that day, it was a sad day...

What to do when you have them and want to save them:

* the best remedy is to cut them off... I know your pain but the sooner you do it the less extra damage you will get, and the sooner new hair can grow.

* if you're not up for cutting or you can't afford it right away there are some products that you can use to "patch" your ends back together but it disappears again once you wash your hair.
The key ingredient to these products are silicones, they make your hair smooth and soft.

It is proven that silicons are bad for your hair so please be careful and don't use them too long (also check your shampoo bottles) but I'll post an extra blog subject on that later.

donderdag 15 november 2012

You think that love's a show

This is an outfit from a few weeks ago, I always post my pictures on Lookbook first but I think I forgot about this one.

The dress, vest and belt are all vintage.

woensdag 14 november 2012